China-France Workshop Molecular Catalysts and Catalysis

18-21 July, 2006 - University of Rennes 1

Objectives of the workshop

The first workshop meeting took place in Suzhou, on November 2-5, 2005.


Coorganizers Local organisation
Professor Xue Long Hou,
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS
Prof. Pierre H. Dixneuf, Dr. C. Bruneau
Professor Zhenfeng Xi,
Peking University
Dr. Cédric Fischmeister
Professor Pierre H. Dixneuf,
University of Rennes 1
Dr. Emmanuel Mignard
Dr. Christian Bruneau,
University of Rennes 1
Maud Métivier


National Natural Science Foundation of China
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS
French Embassy in Beijing
French Foreign Affairs Ministry
The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
The University of Rennes 1
Région Bretagne
Rennes Métropole